About Mary Mahler

Mary Mahler

Mary Mahler is an artist and teacher who lives in Petaluma, California. She has taught art and ceramics for over 30 years and has experience working with adults and children of all ages. Her work focuses on several genres of visual art, including ceramics, mixed media and collage, linoleum cuts and prints, and assemblage.

Mary is a Bay Area native, and she completed her Masters in Education at San Jose State University. She is a member of the Watercolor Association, the California Art Educator’s Association, and the Petaluma Art Center, and she has studied visual art with Ann Baldwin, Robert Burridge, and Martha Castillo.

Currently, Mary works out of her studio in Petaluma, Earthborn Arts, where she also conducts workshops, one-on-one mentorships, and summer-long programs for all ages. She also displays her work at her gallery space in downtown Petaluma’s Riverfront Art Gallery. Her approach to the arts is both passionate and practical: she believes strongly in sustainable creative methods that not only produce unique work, but also enhance the experience of the artistic process.