Students show a clay diorama of a scene from their favorite animated film.

There’s only two weeks of school left, and this has been a great semester. In my 30th year teaching middle school at Ida Price (many of those as the art and ceramics teacher), my students never cease to amaze me. This year, we did everything from team clay competitions — affectionately known by the students as ClayFest — and ceramic dioramas of animated films to pen and ink illustrations and a school mural honoring the graduating class.

Summer is a time of year I always look forward to: not only does it offer the chance for me to work one on one with students, it also frees up time to see exhibits, visit museums and galleries, and focus on my own work.

I have several projects in the works this summer, including a series focusing on a collection of gorgeous wrought iron gates that I photographed on a trip to South Carolina. I’m also getting ready to host students in my studio — both kids and adults, individual and small groups; stay tuned for more information on that.

In the vein of all things summer, look for updates on my own work and artwork that I come across over the next few months.  In the meantime, get out there and find something creative to do under the sun!

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